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Joe Kraus joins Phelps, Cutler & Associates as Associate, expanding PC&A to West Coast

January 1, 2015- Savannah, GA – The media consulting firm Phelps, Cutler & Associates, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Savannah, GA., announced today that Joseph “Joe” Kraus has joined the firm’s media consulting practice as an Associate to be based out of his California.

Mr. Kraus has held numerous circulation and distribution positions with some of the U.S.’s leading newspaper publishers before launching his circulation consulting practice in 2014. .

“Joe Kraus brings deep knowledge and an outstanding work ethic to the PC&A team, and we are honored to have him associate with us,” said Lou Phelps, Managing Principal.

“Many newspapers today are in desperate need of training of DM’s, CSR’s and even their Circulation Managers as our industry goes through changes in that critical department. Joe does the dirty work – reworking routes, resigning carrier contracts for better efficiencies, training customer service reps, and looking for cost savings,” added Phelps.

Kraus’ recent clients have include The Houston Chronicle and Wick Newspapers.

He is also available to step in for short-term leadership during periods of executive turnovers, part of PC&A’s “Acting Executives” team. PC&A also offers Executive Search services.

Kraus’ recent accomplishments for clients in 2014 include:

  • Helped a small daily save over $23,000 per year and grow their paid circulation.
  • Helped a 10,800 daily save $20,000 per year
  • Consulted with a 6,000 daily which will save over $10,000 per year.
  • Saved a news company $7,000 per month in payroll, reduced their complaint ratio from 2.65 to 1.5 per/m and showed a gain in their paid circulation four out of five months, while consulting.
  • Served as an Acting Circulation Director while a company went through a protracted CD search.

About Phelps, Cutler & Associates

Phelps, Cutler & Associates (PC&A) is a global media consulting, M&A and training firm with a deep heritage in the U.S. newspaper industry. PC&A’s clients have included some of the U.S.’s leading companies including The Tribune Company, Civitas, Times Mirror and Thomson.

The firm has participating in major M&A deals including acquisition and exit from bankruptcy transactions in recent years. Ms. Phelps is also a qualified valuation expert witness.

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